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Smoking Sawdust, Bisquettes & Smoker Wood Chips for Sale in Canada

Smoker chips, pucks, pellets, dust - whatever your wood chip, however your wood chuck chucks, we’ve got the fuel for you! Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Maple and more, play with flavour by changing or mixing your sawdust or bisquette and add a new dimension to your old pastime.

We carry Bradley, True North and our own unique High Caliber products to ensure you have the best selection for your next custom creation.

Where there is smoke there’s fire and sometimes we can get a bit carried away. Maybe you’ve had your smoker for a while and so far it’s been a crap shoot. How can you go wrong with smoke, right? You still don’t know why that last meal was not so popular with the kids, or the wife, or the neighbours…

Here are some tips for working with smoke flavours for perfect meat pairings.


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    Can't decide on a smoke flavor? This 6 pack is sure to please. Use one flavor or mix them up. You will never run out of possibilities for smoking perfection.
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