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Natural Sausage Casings for Sale in Canada

If you’re a foodie or a person with a pulse you definitely know that “natural” is a big buzz word these days. When it comes to homemade sausage, natural ingredients are usually high on the priority list. If you want your sausage considered organic, you better stick with Natural Sausage Casings.

A natural sausage casing tends to deliver the best flavor in the final product as it enhances and complements the natural juices and quality of the meat and spices. Due to its breathability, Natural Casings are also popular amongst the DIY smoker movement as they allow for deep smoke penetration. Natural Casings are transparent, so they also serve as a lovely way to highlight your sausage’s quality ingredients.

When it comes to choosing a “Natural Sausage Casing” there are three main types: hog, sheep and beef. So what is a natural sausage casing exactly? Well, without getting into the finer details, it’s basically a layer of the intestine that is turned into a beneficial, marketable product to maximize the value of each animal. That means less waste, fewer chemicals and high quality standards.

We carry an extensive line of Natural Sausage Casings including:


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