1.  Prepare natural casing. Rinse the salt off the casing very well (at least three times) and allow to soak in 32° C water for at least an hour

2. Separate the lean meat from the fat

3. Grind the lean meat through ¼” plate twice using a High Caliber Electric Grinder

4.  Grind the fat through 1/8” plate once

5. Weigh all ingredients using High Caliber Digital Portion Scale

6. Using a High Caliber Manual Meat Mixer, place the lean meat in the mixer.  Mix for a few rounds.

-  Add the silver cure packet (for 10lbs of meat).  When the lean meats start to bind together, slowly mix in the fat.

-  Once mixed, add ½ the amount of spice and ½ the amount of water.

-  Allow to mix into the batter until very sticky

-  add in the remaining spice, mix well and add the remaining water.

-  continue mixing until all fat and water is held suspended in the sausage batter.

   (The batter will be very sticky, hold together and have a dull sheen appearance)

-  add the High Caliber High Temp Cheddar Cheese right at the end and mix well

7.  Using a High Caliber Sausage Stuffer, place the mixture into the cylinder removing as much air as possible.  Stuff the sausage mixture into the natural casing.

8. Link the sausage into desired lengths

9. Put Sausage into pre-warmed smoker (according to your manufacturer’s directions)

- Reddening stage is done at a temperature of 50 °C

-  Drying stage is done at temperature of 60 °C – until the casing becomes tacky so that smoke particles will adhere to it

-  Smoking stage is done at temperature between 60 – 70°C, apply smoke

-  Cooking stage is done at temperatures about 85 °C until the internal temperature of the Sausage reaches 71° C

- Showering stage – run cool water over the sausage to  stop the cooking process, cool the product (out of the danger zone)  and reduce wrinkles in the sausage for a beautiful appearance.

Store the sausage in the fridge to reduce the temperature to 4 °C

10. Enjoy with spicy mustard on a bun.  Any other side dish will work!


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Habanero Fireballs (Adapted)

Recipe adapted from "Grilled" (source)



  1. Put the ground meat in a medium mixing bowl, then add the habanero peppers, coarse bisk, Ancho chili, granulated onion, salt, pepper and Spice Villain.  Mix thoroughly until the meat starts to become sticky.
  2. Portion the meat mixture into roughly equal parts, and form into small patties.  Place 1 cube of cheddar in the middle of each and form a ball around the cheese.
  3. Cut the root and stem ends off the onion, remove any brown layers, and then make one more cut halfway in, from the stem to the root, and separate the layers.
  4. Take an onion layer and wrap it around a cheese-filled meat ball; wrap a slice of bacon around the balls and secure with a skewer through the middle. Continue wrapping the remaining meatballs with onion and then bacon until all the balls are wrapped.
  5. Preheat the grill to 350°F; using indirect heat, cook the skewered meatballs for 30 min.
  6. Melt the butter in a medium saucepan on medium heat, and add the Louisiana hot sauce; continue cooking on medium heat until hot and bubbly.
  7. After the meatballs have cooked for 30min baste them with the hot sauce mixture and cook 30 seconds; turn, baste the other side and cook an additional 30 seconds.
  8. Serve hot!

*Soak the wood chips in water for 30 min prior to adding to the grill to create more smoke

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