Our Story

Just a few short years ago (okay, many) our two owners started working together in the Refrigeration Industry. While it was very rewarding building “cool” projects in this food industry, they wanted to have something else to compliment these products. So, after a rum and a few scotches, the concept for High Caliber Products was formed.

What could compliment products being “cool” better than products being “hot”? With both partners being foodies and avid outdoorsmen, these shared interests led them down the path of wanting to provide high quality sausage supplies and equipment for the hunters and homeowners…in other words, their friends.

The search for products has led them both local and abroad to get the precise supplies that are demanded by our customers and their traditions. Through the store’s success, they have built strong relationships with the best manufacturer’s in the world.

From one location 14 years ago, CTR has expanded to Edmonton. Starting out with 5 employees, the team has grown to 15! And as always, we continue to expand our relationships with top suppliers and our expertise in the ever evolving food industry.

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