High Caliber’s family is a dedicated and energetic group during and after work. Dedicated to working hard, having fun, trying innovative recipes or being active outdoors, this is where you will find us. Our staff has a wild mishmash of passions…canoeing, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, gardening - even classical guitar! Of course, the main reason we are all here…eating.

All of us at High Caliber appreciate the opportunity to help our adventure-seeking customers whether it be in the corporate jungle or redneck prairies that we are lucky enough to call home. Read on to meet our friendly staff or click here to meet our Butcher and Sausage Class Instructors. 

Meet Our Knowledgeable Team


High Caliber Sausage ExpertEmily

Chat with her atEdmonton Store

Favourite FlavourHigh Caliber Bacon Dry Rub

Top ToolHer Bradley Smoker 

Emily loves her Dad! She lovingly makes him homemade bacon in her smoker with her trusted High Caliber Bacon Dry Rub. For a little sweetness in the morning, she loves cooking up some Maple Breakfast Sausage and farm fresh eggs for her and her dog Mia. Come and talk sausage with Emily at CTR Edmonton. If you are a Rider's fan, she will love you even more!

09 Emily final anim copy


High Caliber Sausage Expert: Tyler

Chat with him at: Calgary Store

Favourite Flavour: High Caliber Chorizo Sausage

Top Tool: High Caliber 20LB Stuffer

This is one hot guy! Ty is a busy dad on the go with his family, dogs and hunter buddies.  Even though he is known to slap together a big batch of spicy Chorizo sausage, his real job is to design the cool spaces needed for the growing meat and produce industry in Alberta. Come and talk anything about hockey or smoking a beef brisket.

11 Tyler final anim copy 

High Caliber Sausage ExpertTamara

Chat with her atEdmonton Store

Favourite FlavourHigh Caliber Chorizo Sausage

Top ToolHigh Caliber 5LB Stuffer

This early riser loves to make High Caliber Bratwurst for her family at the lake. An avid outdoorswomen, she is a big advocate for anything furry.This cool cat’s job is to point all of our techs in the right direction…it is a bit like herding cats.

10 Tamara final anim copy 

High Caliber Sausage ExpertJenn

Chat with her atCalgary Store

Favourite FlavourHigh Caliber Octoberfest Sausage

Top ToolHigh Caliber Harvest Knife Kit 

This little lady will surprise you…she does it all, at home and at work. You will see Liz in the fall rockin’ in her garden… canning, juicing, blanching and freezing her organic crops.To change things up, she likes to make the Octoberfest spice blend into patties for breakfast, or throw it into a hearty soup. Chat with Liz and she will make sure that you get the right items you need for your own sausage creations.

06 Liz final anim copy 


High Caliber Sausage ExpertHolly

Chat with her atEdmonton Store

Favourite FlavourHigh Caliber Chorizo Sausage

Top ToolHigh Caliber 5LB Stuffer

Holly’s favorite saying is “go Big or go home” and that is just how she lives her life! This little darling has much experience in guiding staff in both our refrigeration and retail areas. If she is not cruising on her new bike, she might throw together some spicy Chorizo meatballs to zip up her famous pasta dish.  Holly can talk anything from BBQ to Safety, so grab her as she hustles around the Edmonton office.

02 Holly final anim copy 


High Caliber Sausage ExpertTim

Chat with him atCalgary Store

Favourite FlavourHigh Caliber Chipotle Sausage

Top ToolHigh Caliber 20LB StufferFoot Pedal flies

Tim zooms in all directions, either up the hill on his mountain bike, or down the hill skiing. He like things fast and furious and spicy! He likes heat all year round, so he will make the High Caliber smoky Chipotle Sausage anytime. Tim’s real job is to purchase all of the little goodies for our hunter friends for both locations. Come in and see him anytime!

07 Tim final anim copy

High Caliber Sausage Expert: Jenn

Chat with her atCalgary Store

Favourite FlavourHigh Caliber Beef n' Onion Sausage

Top ToolHigh Caliber Burger Maker

Jenn is a busy gal in Calgary, always stocking and tidying the showroom to getting our hunter friends ready for a full day in High Caliber’s Butchering or Sausage-Making Classes. Proving that you don’t need everything super spicy, she loves to surprise our staff and make burgers with the Beef n’ Onion spice blend, with High Temp Cheddar Cheese of course. She is very outdoorsy and can talk WMU’s and how to get special deals at CTR using the iHunter app.

03 Jenn final anim copy 





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